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Home Guard Unit

Home Guard Unit


The Home Guards Unit of Vijayawada City is functioning since 1983. The Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada Cityis the head of this Unit. One Commandant and one D.S.P. are the supervising Officers of this unit. The Commandant is having jurisdiction of 5 units i.e., Vijayawada City, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore Districts. The Deputy Superintendent of Police is next Supervising Officer of the unit. He is having jurisdiction of 3 units i.e., Vijayawada City,Krishna and Guntur Districts.


Commandant-1, DSP-1, RI-2, HCs-8, PCs-3 with the following strength of HGs are working.

967 Male Home Guards and 138 Female Home Guards total 1105 are working in the HG Unit of Vijayawada City. The services of the Home Guards are being utilized as MT Drivers, MT Mechanics, Computer Operators (eCOPS), Law and Order duties, Crime duties, Traffic duties, Night patrolling duties and other miscellaneous duties. Among them 125 Home Guards are being deputed on payment basis to Private & Public Sectors.


Home Guards are also being utilized for Festival bandobust duties at Durga Temple, Gunadala Mary Matha, Maha Sivarathri, Dassehra festival bandobust duties in Vijayawada City and Ganesh Festival BB duty at Hyderabad. Also attending V.I.Ps / VVIPs BB duties and for Election bandobust duties as per the scheme issued by the Commissioner of Police, Vijayawada City.


Weekly Parades are being conducted regularly as per schedule under the supervision of the DCP/CMT for maintenance of well discipline and to improve their performance. Every Home Guard has to participate in minimum 2 parades in a month and he will be paid Rs.14/- for each parade.


From 01/04/2011 the general category HGs’ duty allowance was enhanced from Rs.130/- to Rs.200/- per day and washing allowance Rs.90/- per month would be paid to all Home Guards as per the orders of Chief Office, Hyderabad and the total monthly Duty Allowance was paid through their individual bank accounts.

In respect of HGs working on deputation Rs.225/- per day will be paid to the HGs working in Corporations etc. and Rs.250/- per day paid to the HGs working in Central Government Departments and Rs.90/- per month will be paid as washing allowance. And Rs.1,000/- per annum will be paid as uniform and kit allowance to each Home Guard. Rs.50/- per month will be paid as parade allowance.